Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ARCHITECTURE-ARQUITECTURA TODAY: norton towers-on-the-court, west hollywood, calif

West Hollywood, Calif., has a legacy of courtyard housing, so the city encourages developers to build within the tradition. This project, however, is the first one to implement the standard on such a narrow lot--and to do it successfully. "Nicely executed," said our judges.
Architect Michael B. Lehrer says the project's master stroke is the west-facing aluminum and glass tower. It enlivens the modern facade of the six-unit building while also controlling natural light and ventilation. "On the ground floor of a typical unit, it would be dark," he says. "But here all the light is captured and you experience it on all floors." The tower acts as a thermal chimney, pulling hot air from the four floors and forcing it out through operable doors.

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