Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ARCH-ARQ: Q&A> GARY HUSTWITThe director of Helvetica and Objectified talks about his new film on cities, Urbanized.

For Urbanized you use a strategy familiar from Helvetica and Objectified, namely telling a story through interviews and multiple voices. How would you describe your approach in Urbanized?
When we made Helvetica it was almost like we created another world for that film, in terms of the conversation and the visual style and the music. Ultimately, I liked that world and wanted to explore it a little more, which led to the other two films. They’re all really explorations, and for me at least that’s what links them. Basically, the subject matter for all three is design, the creativity behind design, and how design can be used for creative expression and as a problem-solving tool. Urbanized is a pretty simple film. We try to look objectively at whatever the issues are, but I think my films are really observational, especially this one.

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