Thursday, October 20, 2011

ARCH-ARQ: Murphy/Jahn and Lichtplanung create an unobtrusive lighting scheme for the University of Chicago's glass-domed reading room.

Minimalism was the rallying cry at the University of Chicago’s new Mansueto Research Library. Chicago-based architecture firm Murphy/Jahn buried the book stacks—enough for 3.5 million volumes—in a cavernous subterranean vault and enclosed the only above-grade level, which houses a reading room, circulation desk, and book care facility, in a glass-encased steel grid shell structure. While the fritted glazing allows ample quantities of controlled natural light to flood the library during the day, at night an electrical lighting scheme was required. German lighting design firm Lichtplanung had to devise a way to implement an artificial lighting scheme within the space that would not mar the pristine quality of the architecture. “The challenge was to have a very simple and minimalistic solution,” explained Michael Rhode of Lichtplanung. “Helmut Jahn loves light, but he does not like to see light fixtures.”

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