Monday, February 25, 2019

DESIGNBOOM: MAD architects will exhibit twelve models at the centre pompidou in paris

centre pompidou MAD architects

the centre pompidou in paris has acquired twelve architectural scale models that represent ten of the most significant projects by beijing-based studio MAD architects. each model exemplifies MAD’s architectural vision, and expresses the firm’s core values which look to envisioning a futuristic architecture that is akin to dream-like earthscapes — one that creates a dialogue with nature, the earth, and the sky. the centre pompidou’s permanent acquisition of these models signifies the first major cultural institution in europe to procure such a collection of MAD’s work, and will be acknowledged in an exhibition at the centre pompidou in april 2019.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

archdaily: Liuxiandong-Plot A4+B2 of Vanke Design Community / FCHA

The project is located in the Dashahe Innovation Zone in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and in the North District of the Science and Technology Park. It is the North Green Corridor site in the planning of the 9th Neighborhood of the headquarters of Liuxiandong. Vanke would like to take this opportunity to create a creative park-design community in the North Green Corridor that integrates the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. Vanke and the project overall planning unit URBANUS selected and convened the design units, and finally determined that the design of the first start-up area of the 05-02, 05-01 plot should be completed through Cluster Design under the guidance of URBANUS.


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